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  • red peppercorn restaurants in lancaster

    Oregano from Greece, Nutmeg from Indonesia,
    Sri Lankan Cinnamon, Indian Cardamom,
    French Tarragon, British Thyme, Thai Basil…
    If you’re looking for the best places to eat in Lancaster, look no further and take a look at the fusion food which we have to offer! Red Peppercorn is one of the top Lancaster restaurants and that which everybody has been waiting for!

    Red Peppercorn restaurant creator and chef Anita Patel felt that an essential alchemy was missing in the restaurants in Lancaster’s charming historical city. That zest, that pizzazz of infused cultures when creating food has been the missing element and Red Peppercorn has arrived to fill the gap and start blending with the diverse culture within Lancaster.

    Anita Patel’s life-long passion for cooking began at an early age, heavily influenced by street food of India. Simple dishes, bursting with flavour, form the backbone of her cooking – but with a worldly twist.

    Anita’s dream has been to combine Western techniques with traditional rustic cooking from around the globe. That’s what you will discover at Red Peppercorn. A menu full of delicious meat, fish and vegetarian dishes incorporating a touch of Asian, African, European and South American cuisine with good old fashioned English puddings just for good measure.All of the above will make your experience at Red Peppercorn’s restaurant in Lancaster a memorable one.  You will find an ever changing menu with a new experience in every visit.

    Of all the places to eat in Lancaster, Red Peppercorn offers Fusion food at its finest. From the exotic to the traditional, you’ll find catering for every palate and for a unique and unforgettable dining experience in a cosy relaxed atmosphere, all topped off with excellent service, Red Peppercorn’s restaurant in Lancaster has a table waiting for you.

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