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The Red Peppercorn Experience

Fusion food: Fusion cuisine that combines elements of various culinary traditions. Cuisines of the category are not grouped according to any particular cuisine style and have encouraged contemporary innovation of restaurant cuisines since the 1970s.

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As one of the newer Lancaster restaurants, we are so excited to share our passion for fusion food and invite you to flavour our tasty creations. Anita, the founder, has been greatly inspired by Indian street food from a young age and loved the sensation of spiced flavours and unusual dishes. Her love for Indian foods led her to create a beautiful and enjoyable eatery experience situated in the heart of Lancaster, surrounded by the historical beauty of the city. The restaurant is a short walk from the majority of Lancaster’s tourist attractions and sights, surrounding inspired flavours and unique cuisine with Northern culture and heritage, a contrast that allows customers to escape to the streets of India a few steps from their doorstep.

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Here at Red Peppercorn, we aim to give our customers a unique fusion dining experience and want them to enjoy the flavours, textures and smells we create around them. All our dishes are freshly prepared and our ‘specials menu’ changes on a regular basis to give our customers variety and encouragement to be adventurous with their culinary choices in a relaxed and warming environment. We feel good food is best enjoyed in a good atmosphere and pride ourselves on creating stunning surroundings alongside stunning food and drink.

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** We currently have a fantastic ‘PRE-THEATRE /EARLY BIRD MEZZE DEAL’ offer on at the moment, which entitles you to a free 175ml glass of house wine (red or white) when TWO or more items are ordered from the Mezze menu. Available Tuesdays to Fridays between 5pm and 7pm. (Excludes Olives and Pitta bread on the Mezze menu) **

So if you are heading to the theatre, cinema or going out for the evening with friends or on a special date, make Red Peppercorn your first destination and start the night off in style, welcoming serving staff and dedicated kitchen chefs make Red Peppercorn a truly friendly and wonderful dining experience.

Opening Times:

Tuesdays to Fridays: 5pm to 11pm*
Saturdays: 5pm to 11pm*

*Last food orders at 9.30pm

We cater for any party or occasion so please feel free to get in touch with our helpful team and book your table today on 01524 34916 or by emailing us at hello@redpeppercorn.co.uk.

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Tasty is our speciality

As one of the most exciting restaurants in Lancaster people are always asking us here at Red Peppercorn what kind of food we specialise in and the answer that we return to most commonly is ‘Tasty’. This answer may seem like a broad statement but we feel it fits all of our dishes perfectly, after all who goes out for something to eat and doesn’t want something that tastes amazing? When you go out you want something that will excite and amaze you.

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The types of cuisine that we serve are hugely varied and cannot be covered by one region or culture; we like to take a more open minded approach to creating our menu. Our head chef Anita Patel has travelled the globe, taking in some of the best food that is on offer on the way. This gives her a perspective that looks to balance flavours perfectly without having to adhere to any standard practice. This incredible experience coupled with an incredibly adept and nuanced palate allows Anita to create incredible dishes that are not only bursting at the seams with flavour but also are completely unique to the Red Peppercorn.

One of the biggest influences for Anita was the Indian street food that she first tried as a young child and has adored ever since, dishes such as Bhel puri, Vada Pav and the world famous kebabs are all richly spiced but perfectly balanced dishes. The term ‘street food’ is often taken as a negative but the fact is that in many countries the street food is some of the freshest and tastiest food that is readily available. Look anywhere with a warmer climate (India, Brazil, Spain, Italy and many more) and you will find dishes available from street vendors that are not only incredibly tasty but also incredibly well balanced.

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This balance of flavour is something that all of our dishes here at Red Peppercorn really embody perfectly. By taking flavours from all over the world and creating an incredible fusion menu we are quickly gaining a reputation for being one of the most exciting places to eat in Lancaster. Whether you are looking for a special evening meal or a lunch menu that is packed with what are sure to become your new favourites we are the perfect place for you.

Our comfortable dining area is decorated to reflect the many influences from all over the world and creates a calming and friendly atmosphere. Our staff members are all approachable and friendly and work to make sure that your whole dining experience is on a level with the food that we serve.

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Welcome to the Red Peppercorn Blog

Welcome to Red Peppercorn! We are a small independent restaurant in the heart of the charming city of Lancaster offering tantalising fusion food.

Firstly, we would like to thank you for visiting our website. If you’re searching for a fantastic and red-peppercorn insidedistinctive restaurant in Lancaster then you have come to the right place. Red Peppercorn is different to the other local restaurants, because we offer food that is influenced by a whole range of cultures. Restaurant creator Anita Patel felt that that Lancaster was lacking food with zeal and zest, so she set out to combine her knowledge of Indian dishes with Western cooking techniques.

The beauty of Red Peppercorn is that no matter what your tastes in food or your favourite type of cuisine, you can find something for everyone. At Red Peppercorn, you will discover a menu full of delicious meat, fish and vegetarian dishes with influences from European, Asian, African and South American influences. On top of this there is a selection of mouth-watering traditional British puddings.

If you can’t get enough of exotic food or you love to be experimental, then this is definitely the restaurant for you. For example, you could choose lamb meatballs for a starter which incorporates Greek Feta and Marjoram inspiration, then have spicy Moroccan lamb shanks with chickpeas for a main and tuck into the British gem of a dessert that is Eton mess.

We have set up the new Red Peppercorn blog to enable customers both old and new to find out more about Red Peppercorn in an informal way. This blog will provide a space for us to inform you about our restaurant’s news, industry news and a spot of local news too. We will also share some recipes and cooking tips. If you want to find out about our latest offers, events and new menus then make sure you regularly check our blog.

Once again thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to welcoming you to Red Peppercorn soon.

The Red Peppercorn Team

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