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Drinks in Lancaster with Red Peppercorn

Our Drinks Menu

White Wines

Origin % 175ml 250ml Bottle
Vistamar Sauvignon Blanc Chile 13.5% £4.75 £5.95 £14.95
Red Peppercorn’s house white - A lovely pale straw colour with slight green tinge with aromas of ripe tropical fruits and gooseberries. The taste is that of lively citrus fruits and peaches.
GPG Pinot Grigio Italy 12%  £4.75 £6.25   £15.95
Lightly aromatic with ripe citrus and baked apple characters.A crisp and easy to drink dry white with soft, lightly honeyed fruit and a fresh finish.
Beyond the River Chardonnay Australia 13%     £17.95
Crips and bright from the western cape with good texture on the palate, packed with white stone fruit aromas and a refreshing finish.
Artesa Rioja Viura Spain 13%      £19.95
A refreshing change to some of the more traditional white riojas – this is fresh and bright, crisp and enjoyable – a modern unoaked style.
Gavi ‘La Basttistina’ Italy 12%      £24.95
100% Cortese from Vines that average 35 years of age, giving complexity and weight to what is becoming one of Italy’s most fashionable wines. Aromatic Zesty nose with a mouthwatering refreshing finish.
Cloud Factory Sauvignon Blanc New Zealand 12.5%      £27.50
Perfumed with nettle & ripe tropical fruits which are evident on the palate also.Limey flavours and a rich minerality – classic Malborough Sauvignon.
D. Pedro SoutomaiorAlbarino 2013 Spain 12.5%      £29.50
Aromas of pineapple and citrus fruit follow onto the palate which is well balanced with good acidity and delicate minerality
Chablis Premier Cru Beauroy France 12.5%      £37.50
Domaine de la Motte 5 years after their 1 Million Euro investment are fulfilling their dreams of producing top flight Chablis.  Stylish, rich and deftly-oaked this is a brilliant wine.

Red Wines

Origin % 175ml 250ml Bottle
Vistamar Brisa Merlot Chile 13.5% £4.75 £5.95 £14.95
Red Peppercorn’s house Red - Packed full of ripe blackberry and plum aromas with delicate hints of spice and crushed black pepper. The palate is succulent, soft and fruity, beautifully balanced by velvet-textured tannins as the key to its charm.
Pablo Walter Malbec Argentina 13.5% £6.25 £7.95  
Juicy, fruity and medium bodied in the mouth, this “Pablo Walter” Malbec leads with fleshy plum fruit flavours, with blueberry, wild raspberry and dark cherry flavours adding nuance.
Beyond the River Shiraz Australia 14%     £17.95
Aromas of dark, ripe blackberry with white pepper  spice. Supple tannin and balanced acidity , leaves you wanting another glass! 
Burlesque Zinfandel USA 14%      £21.50
A full bodied soulful Zinfandel. The grapes are harvested from Old Vine Zinfandel vineyards in Lodi, California.
“Stands up well with our fusion spicy meat dishes”
CesariEssereValpolicella Italy 11.5%      £24.95
Produce on the hills of North Verona. Ruby red colour of moderate intensity. Delicate and characteristic bouquet reminiscent of almonds.       
PascualToso Cabernet/ Sauv Argentina 14%      £29.50
Clean & fruitful on the nose with aromas of plums and quince & a touch of elegant oak. The mouth has a mild bouquet of blackberry  & liquorice. Rich and long with smoky accents of vanilla and lingering oak.
El CotoCrianza Rioja Spain 13%     £29.50
Excellent Tempranillo from Rioja Alta and Rioja Alavesa. Ruby red in colour. The nose preserves the fresh fruit and liquorice aromas typical of the Tempranillo.Good balance in mouth silky, velvety, with good a good aromatic intensity throughout.
PascualToso Selected Malbec Argentina 14%     £32.50
Oak aged for 12 months with aromas of plums and a palate of blackberry and plummy fruit. A rich and long finish with smoky oak and vanilla.
 CesariAmaroneValpolicellaRipasso Italy   13.5%      £34.50
The nose has typical aromas of ripe fruit, fruit preserve and cherries. A palate packed full of dark fruits. Has a finish of long length that lingers on the palate and a warm elegant body.
 CesariAmarone Dell ValpolicellaClassico DOC Italy   15%      £49.50
The nose has typical aromas of ripe fruit, fruit preserve and cherries. A palate packed full of dark fruits. Has a finish of long length that lingers on the palate and a warm elegant body.
Chateau Musar 2005/ 2007 Lebanon  14%      £59.50
This  vintage is a deep blood red colour with a smoky, spicy, nose of black fruits, toasted bread, dark chocolate and cigar box  -an impressive fragrance of fruits & spices. The palate is well structured, full of black and red fruits – cherries , blackcurrants and prunes with a hint of dark chocolate and fresh tea leaves. The finish is long and fine with velvety tannins.

Rosé Wines

Origin % 175ml 250ml Bottle
IL Caggio Pinot Grigio Rosé Italy 12% £4.75 £6.25 £15.95
This fruity Rosé is deliciously delicate and pale pink in colour. Crisp and refreshing flavours of soft red fruits are complemented by subtle floral aromas
Burlesque White Zinfandel USA 10.5%      £18.95
A gorgeous rosé from California’s flagship variety. Ripe watermelon, appealing strawberry and a hint of dried cranberry swirl together with a gentle sweetness and a crisp, balanced finish.

Champagne and Sparkling

 Origin % 125mls   Bottle
Veuve Deloynes Brut NV France 12.5%   £29.95
Delicate and refreshing. A classic champagne worthy of any occasion.
Ayala Brut Majeur France 12%      £42.50
This quality minded Champagne house was bought by Bollinger in 2005. It has a wonderfully fine mousse, is well balanced, has finesse and complexity. A great aperitif, it works well with seafood.
Bollinger Special Cuvee NV France 12%      £59.95
Bollinger is made from first-run juice only, and the majority of vineyards used have Premier and Grand Cru status, resulting in a full-bodied Champagne of great class. Delightful pale gold in colour, the mousse is light and persistent.
Bollinger Rosé NV France 12.5%      £69.50
Raspberries, blackberries, gooseberries. An impertinent flavour dances in the mouth, but the lively, joyous sparkle of the fruit is always contained by the wine’s precise structure.
House Prosecco White Italy 11.5%  £6.50    £19.50
Refreshingly dry fizz with soft fruit from Gallatinara in the Piedmont region of Italy
House Prosecco Rosé Italy 11.5%   £6.50    £19.50
Pink fizz with gentle red fruits and balanced acidity
Lunetta Prosecco Italy 11.5%     £24.95
A delicious light and fruity prosecco with hints of apple and peach.
Lunetta Prosecco Rosé Italy 12%      £24.95
A beautiful and fresh dry sparkling rosé from the foothills of the Trentino mountains. 
All wines by the glass are available in 125ml upon request.
Please deduct 50p from the 175ml price.
All prices are Inclusive of VAT at the Standard rate.
When one vintage ceases to be available the next suitable one will be offered.

Draught Lager

% Half Pint
Peroni Lager – Draught 5.1% £2.50  £4.50

Bottled Beers/Lagers

 % Measure  Bottle
Kirin Ichiban 5% 330 mls £3.95
Meantime London Lager 4.5% 300 mls £3.95
Becks Blue (Alcohol Free) 0% 300 mls £3.00
Viru Beer 5.0% 300 mls £3.95
Dog Fish Head DNA 330 mls £3.95
Becks Beer 4.80% 275 mls £3.50
Crabbies Ginger Beer 4.80% 330 mls £3.95


 % Measure Bottle
Meantime London Pale Ale 4.30% 330 mls £3.95
Lancaster Blush Cider 4.5% 500 mls £4.90
Lancaster Amber 3.6% 500 mls £4.90
Lancaster Blonde 4.0% 500 mls £4.90
Lancaster Red 4.8% 500 mls £4.90


Bombay Saphhire 25 mls  £2.50
Hendricks 25 mls  £2.50


Smirnoff Red vodka 25 mls  £2.00
Absolute Vodka/Citron/Pear 25 mls  £3.00
Grey Goose vodka 25 mls  £4.00
Grey Goose Orange vodka 25 mls  £4.00
Crystal Head Vodka  25 mls  £5.00
Bacardi Superior 25 mls  £4.00
Havana Club 3 year old 25 mls  £3.50
Havana Club 7 year old 25 mls  £3.00
Havana club Especial 25 mls  £2.50


Bells 25 mls  £2.00
Bells Extra Special 25 mls  £4.00
Chivas Regal 25 mls  £3.00
Glenmorangie 25 mls  £3.50
Dalwhinnie 25 mls  £4.00
Jack Daniels 25 mls  £3.00


Baileys  50 mls  £4.00
Tia Maria
50 mls  £5.00
Malibu 25 mls  £2.00
25 mls  £2.50
Archers Peach Schnapps 25 mls  £3.00
Mezcal Mescalero
25 mls  £3.00
Luxardo Classic Sambuca 
25 mls  £2.50
25 mls  £2.50
Mezcal Mescalero Tequilla 25 mls  £3.00
Olmeca Blanco Tequilla 25 mls  £2.00
50 mls  £5.00
50 mls  £5.50
Southern Comfort 25 mls  £2.50
Pedro Ximenez sherry 50 mls  £7.50
Marie B Triple Sec 25 mls  £3.00
Chambord Raspberry Liqueur 25 mls  £3.00
Kahlua Coffe Liqueur 50 mls  £4.00
Taylors Port 2008 50 mls  £5.00
Grahams Port 50 mls  £4.00
Sandman Tawnyport 10yo 50 mls  £4.00


Martell VSOP 25 mls  £3.00
Janneau VSOP 25 mls  £4.00
Domaine Hourtica Armagnac 1980 25 mls  £7.50
Maxime XO Grande 25 mls  £9.50
Ragnaud Sabourin No 25 XO 25 mls  £9.50
Delmain XO 25 mls  £14.50

Liqueur Coffee

Irish – Jamesons  per cup  £4.50
Italian – Amaretto per cup  £4.50
Calypso – Tia Maria per cup  £4.50
Seville – Contreau per cup  £4.50
Sky – Drambuie per cup  £4.50
Baileys – Baileys Irish Cream per cup  £4.50

Soft Drinks

Coke/ Diet Coke 330 mls  £1.95
Tonic Water (Schweppes) 120 mls  £1.20
Slim Line Tonic (Schweppes) 120 mls  £1.20
Lemonade (Schweppes) 200 mls  £2.00
Soda Water (Schweppes) 200 mls  £2.00


 Measure Bottle
Still Water 330 mls £1.90
Still Water 750 mls £3.20
Slightly Sparkling Water 330 mls £1.90
Slightly Sparkling Water 750 mls £3.20


Cordial mixture £1.00

Bottle Green Presse

 Measure Bottle
Elderflower 275 mls £2.75
Cranberry & Orange 275 mls £2.75

Fruit Juice

Pago Tomato 200 mls £2.50
Pago Orange 200 mls £2.50
Pago Cloudy Apple 200 mls £2.50
All spirits, liqueurs and brandies are supplied in 25ml measures.
All prices are Inclusive of VAT at the Standard rate.

Hot Beverages


Red Peppercorn House Tea Small Pot £1.50
Earl Grey Small Pot £1.80
Blue Sky Small Pot £1.95
Rose Buds Small Pot £2.50
Green Small Pot £1.80
Hedge Row (Caffeine Free) Small Pot £1.95


Freshly grounded Coffee (Red Peppercorn blend speciality)
Americano Cup  £2.10
Capuccino Cup  £2.20
Expresso – Single Cup  £1.60
Expresso – Double Cup  £1.80
Latte Cup  £2.10
Machiato Cup  £1.80
Hot Chocolate Large Cup  £2.45

* Prices are subject to change. All spirits, liqueurs and brandies are supplied in 25ml measure unless otherwise stated

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